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Recent News. Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants PodCast February 2013
was honored to participate.
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Join Nurses around the country who feel the same about protecting and standing up for their profession.

Speak with ONE VOICE through joining The National Registered Nurses Professional Organization.
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 Just the Facts 

 Nurse Staffing/Nurse Ratios

For the real facts on ratios and their impact on hospitals in California... Get the real facts HERE

For the history on the CNA and their attempt to organize at Cedars-Sinai Medical center in December of 2002....The hospital appealed the intial 2002 vote and won a re-vote. This vote was scheduled for October 2004.

In October 2004, prior to the revote directed by the NLRB, we put out a newsletter to all CSMC nurses stating all THE FACTS about how many of us felt about remaining union free. It created quite a stir.......we didn't know we were so good.

Well, now we know.
Good for us. The CNA sent out a flyer to all CSMC nurses in an attempt to discredit our newsletter and our group. They failed. We remain focused on the important issues facing ALL of us.

The CNA withdrew from the October vote and we remain union free.  We are starting our own "Revolution".....and we do it professionally. We think for ourselves. We speak for ourselves.

POWER "the ability to do or act; strength, might, force" Be aware of the power we hold as a profession with no need for outside voices to speak for us. Thinking and speaking for yourself.Now THAT'S POWER


Click the picture to Get The Facts 7 years after their initial attempt to organize here, we still feel the same!
We believe in using our own voice!

There have been many methodologies used over the years as nursing has grown as a profession. Team nursing, Primary Nursing, Taped reports, walking rounds, written care plans, computerized charting and more. But one thing remains the same and that is professionalism. No matter what we do or where we work, professionalism is the one thing that sets apart the truly great nurses. Nursing truly is the desire to care and to be there when we are needed. To be a nurse is a very special calling. 

Don't get too hooked on the numbers. Just do it!  Each day is different. Each patient is different. Each need is different. Speak up and ask for what you need to give the very best care that only you can give. But don't get too hooked on the numbers!

Don't Give It Away ~ Keep the POWER! 
Terri Hosbond RN, UCLA; Suzanne Geimer RN, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; Sherwood Cox RN, Western Medical Center Santa Ana encourage professional nurses to use their own voices to effect change
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